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Tod Pronto is a singer/songwriter from the Green Mountains of Vermont. Tod has recorded 3 full length albums to date including his album “Nashville Stereo” that was recorded for B-Venturous records in Nashville, TN and his self-produced album “It Can’t All Be Wrong”. He also composes instrumental tracks that have received placements in television programs such as “American Pickers”, “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”, and a Golden Corral television commercial, among others.

His latest release, “Hide Away (From The Sun)” was written shortly after Tod sadly lost his mother to cancer, following a near ten year battle with the disease. It’s a song that means a lot to him as an artist, but it’s also one that reaches much further than what is personal – it’s about something that affects so many of us, and perfectly captures the emotions of the situation.

There’s a joyful sound to the song, rather than a melancholy one, but then to listen intently to the words is to bring in that overwhelming feeling of loss and sadness. This meeting of the high and the low is a wonderfully gentle and honest ballad of life, love and memories. The life described is one that was spent living and loving to the fullest, and what remains afterwards is not just the memory of this, – it’s something that can be passed on and shared and held close to your heart forever.

There’s an undeniable element of the personal involved, but for the most part the song is likely to reach out and touch the hearts of anyone who can relate to what the artist has been through.

It’s impossible to listen and not feel something. It is so openly and genuinely performed that, as one reviewer put it, “It’s the perfect way to draw attention to something as important as this. A beautiful, simplistic yet powerful piece of music, straight from the heart.”

Tod’s music combines folk, roots, country and blues to create a unique blend of Americana music. On stage, Tod engages the audience with both his music and his humorous and energetic storytelling that is always a highlight of the show. Tod has shared the stage with Jonathan Edwards, Ellis Paul and Livingston Taylor, among others.


"Tod Pronto is a bright light on the horizon. A gifted, energetic, connected singer-songwriter who knows well how to engage with an audience and deliver his heart on an acoustic platter. A pleasure to work with and a great value to Vermont and soon, the world." - Jonathan Edwards
"A rootsy rocker in the early Steve Earle mode – not quite Copperhead Road but somewhere in the vicinity.” – Jonathan Aird Americana U.K.
“Tod’s music is unmistakably American; seeping in tradition while yearning to arrive somewhere outside the canon of conventionality.” – Ryan Hoffer – Shut Eye Records & Agency
"Tod's lyrics are poignant, his melodies infectious and his voice is about as all American as you can get!" – Steve Bertrand Producer, Musician, Composer( "The Tories", "Avion" )